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Hello! Welcome to the official Zones wiki. This is a gather source of information related to Thezone's website where you can find information about your favorite players, authors, characters, meta, strategies, or events. We have an assortment of up to date archieve information posted regularly by Mobius, head admin of Thezones. Come here to take a look at players from the TZDL, TZTL, TZRP, Waifu games, or anything else that has happened over the years in our site. Explore this wiki for archive intel you won't find anywhere else with commentary from Mobius, other players, or even your contributions to the site. Come and join our small community and be apart of the fun we hope to share with one another. See you soon!

Mobius - Owner.

What are Thezones?

Thezones is a competitive roleplaying site where yearly duel tournaments are held. The forum was initially created by Mobius, Zangler, and Lord Anki of February 4th, 2005 as homage to Compuserve’s zone chats. Like the Compuserve zones, this website features competitive play for roleplayers at large that are interested in fighting other players. The Compuserve zones were color based sections housing numerous casual chat rooms, but a sect of users (and some of the staff) were interested in online T1 text based roleplaying and created rooms for each zone (red, blue, green, gold, and teen) until 2006 where their chat services were canceled. A few roleplayers from the original zones were interested in creating another environment were competitive play was strongly enforced, and in 2005 Thezones was officially operational as an unofficial forums to Compuserve’s zone chats.

Thezones is now a casual small community of both ooc and competitive play. It has currently sponsored 4 duel tournament events and one large ooc game. It will soon host the first annual team deathmatch league known as TZTL and a roleplay section known as TZRP. Roleplayers from all parts of the internet are invited, welcomed, and participated in our sites yearly events and we're still growing. We now even house amateur players to invest time into our activities where they are taught meta from our more established players.

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